Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sunday Noises

Earlier in the day - a warm sunny morning, hint of a cool breeze - I was listening to the sound of sparrows and blackbirds and honey eaters in the garden. They were all busy with their conversations, their scratching around the soil, flicking up bits and pieces that will annoy my wife when she returns from Adelaide.Look at the mess they made, she'll say, and grab the broom.

As I contemplate circumventing her future dismay by getting the broom myself and sweeping, the neighbour starts up his lawnmower, and then the trimmer. The buzzing sounds joins in with the drone and ratlle of his immortal washing machine, parked at the back end of his house, nearest our side. It's there, unprotected, in rain and shine, yet still works - and well, judging by the brilliance of the white overalls, the vivid brightness of the orange sweater and beanie...........

Ah, now the trimmer again. Oops, that reminds me: time to exercise.